The Great Ones Are Passing On

It seems that the kiting community has seen lots of great folks pass on, leaving those “empty spaces” in the skies.

I am sure that other areas have had those ones they all knew and loved, but our region has experienced two that I knew,  and then today I saw that a name synonymous with sport kites, Peter Powell has gone on to the afterlife. . There is a video link on the Coastal Bend Skypirates Facebook page that I asked Gary Mark to post (he put it on Kiteflyers 2.0).

Also missing in our area is Guy Blatnik who passed over a year ago.  He was very active in South Padre Island, flew in competitive teams as well as AKA,  was Region 8 rep, owned the kiteshop on the Island and Crystal Kites.  Guy was a real pal.  He is missed.

Also a noteworthy name in our Region was Richard Dermer of Stillwater, OK.  Very much the “ambassador” for kiting throughout the area.  He and Marti had kites for kids kits and plans, did tons of things with AKA,   and Richard even got “on board” with building a reflective Mylar kite as a prank for the Coastal Bend (never carried out), but that’s a private story……

Not many knew of “John” here in Rockport who had a kiteshop downtown,  but I heard of his passing this past year as well. He had closed and retired many years already.

What is my “take away” from this ….. Go fly a kite with your fellow kiters as often as possible,  we are not on this earth forever.  Get to know one another….swap kite stuff, spin yarns, tell stories.  “make hay while the sun is hot”.

Peace and love to all.

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