Through The Depths of A Canyon

via Through The Depths of A Canyon

Published by wickedrevs56

Way back in 2014 I was posting on Facebook about my opinions of current events. Some of my "friends" would not just offer rebutals, but attack with vitriolic hatefulness. No civil discussions are possible with some folks!!I soon felt that I could not long express myself, even on my own page without the ensuing "battle" with the keyboard warriors, who seldom proposed any manner of reasonable discussion or original thought. So I opened this blog, named Dano Dare Speak, and here I express my thoughts and opinions as well as clips of items I read which are parallel to my beliefs. I try to add some appropriate photos, of occasional memes to add some "color". I hope you find my content of interest, fee free to comment, replies will be made to all civil discussions. Follow if you wish to see all new content.

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