About “wickedrevs”

The nickname “wickedrevs” came about quite late in my life, as a kite flyer actually.

I was making kites while overseas in the Eastern Caribbean islands from palm frond ribs and scraps of newsprint or tissue paper when  I was but a teenager with my younger brother helping.   Many years later I was exposed to dual line sport kites while traveling in Mexico at a beach resort town and later pursued the sport kite hobby at a Galveston, TX  kite shop, taking my little sport kite back to Arizona to play with.  Upon returning to Texas a year later, I was exposed to quad line kites called “Revolutions” and was transfixed by them.

Soon enough I was “ripping up the sky” and a buddy made the comment, ” boy you are wicked with that thing”     Well, that was the beginning of an addiction to kites, and here we are nearly two decades later and still loving and building kites.   Check out the blog about building  windfeathers, spinners, tails, and kites at Nylon Designs by Dano

I have expanded my kite interests to include “power kiting” which is using kites to propel vehicles down the beach, and the joy of “single line” kiting which is directly opposite ideology to power kites.   Basically, it is launch, and sit back and enjoy a stationary kite display.  

This blog will detail my kite hobby as well as share some other experiences in my life.

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